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D dirty girl glory hole

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XVIDEOS gloryhole dirty d free - the best free porn videos on internet, % free. Bringing you the hottest glory hole, adult theater and dogging videos and pictures from around the web. Lots of real amateur gloryhole action. It was my ex-boyfriend Iain who first mentioned the 'Glory Hole for Gals'. I realise now that he knew more about it than I'd suspected at the time.


D dirty girl glory hole
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D dirty girl glory hole
D dirty girl glory hole D dirty girl glory hole
D dirty girl glory hole D dirty girl glory hole
It was my ex-boyfriend Iain who first mentioned the 'Glory Hole for Gals'. I realise now that he knew more about it than I'd suspected at the time. Regardez Bangbros - Big Tits Milf Lisa Ann at the Glory Hole (ghl) en ligne sur YouPorn est le plus grand site porno Blowjob avec les films pornstar. Bringing you the hottest glory hole, adult theater and dogging videos and pictures from around the web. Lots of real amateur gloryhole action.
D dirty girl glory hole D dirty girl glory hole

It was my ex-boyfriend Iain who first mentioned the 'Glory Hole for Gals'. I realise now that he knew more about it than I'd suspected at the time. He'd tried hard to mention it casually and with a slight sneer of derision, as if it was the haunt of the desperate or the damaged, but looking back, there had been that knowing, half turned on expression that he had been trying to hide.

I should have had my suspicions over the details he went into when telling me what went on there - way too much information for mere second hand gossip! This wonder, he told me, was to be found at the back of our local 'Private Shop'. You know the sort of place with blacked or whited out windows and a discreet sign. The sort of place people try really hard not to be seen entering or leaving. Of course I knew he went there quite frequently - in our time together we had a more than healthy sex life and liked to experiment - bondage, SM, anal - we'd tried most stuff, but always just the two of us - no exhibitionism and no banging strangers.

I have to admit that when he first described the Glory Hole for Gals I thought he was joking. He'd sigh with mock exasperation over my curiosity and retell the story again.

So I'd look confused and pout a bit. On the other side there are women or men waiting to beat them off or suck them off, or even ride them with their arseholes or cunts. I mean I just don't get it? Stay away from there! There's a room like your conventional glory hole but the design is different.

The room outside it has a bed when the woman lays with her cunt pressed up against a hole in the wall and her legs fit through two holes with rests so she can lie comfortably. The hole is on a slide in plate to accommodate different sizes, and it means she can choose to expose her hole or her arse or both. Sev gets her comfy, even gives her a panic button I'm told in case a guy does anything she don't like or she wants out. They agree a time and she takes as many guys as come in wanting a service.

The girl agrees to condoms or bareback or both and that's basically it. The thought of just lying there offering up your anonymous cunt to any number of men to do what they liked with. No hand work, no spit or swallow, just pure received pleasure.

I never talked to Iain about it while we were together, but I did get him to tell me about it again and again and again, and it always resulted in him getting a huge hard on and me getting a truly good fucking. Anyway after we'd split when I'd found him cheating with at least two other women and as I later suspected, the glory hole too I found myself getting really horny and frustrated. He may have been a complete shit but he'd known how to keep me happy in the sack and I missed it.

I had a vibrator complete with ten different speeds and settings but it was no substitute for a flesh and blood cock, warm and stiffening and twitching and ejaculating inside you. I have to admit I love spunk, I mean really love it. Whether inside me, in my mouth, over my hand, it's just so primal, sticky and downright dirty - you don't get any of that with a battery operated machine!

I found myself turning into a dirty young woman, ogling guys of all ages in the street, gazing at their bulging crotches and wondering, always wondering. All the pent up lust lead to many fantasies about being in that glory hole and getting some of what I really wanted, but I was just too repressed to get myself there and reveal myself as the dirty slut I felt that I completely was inside. It was only when I'd finally twigged that maybe Iain had been talking from experience that I felt empowered as well as very, very annoyed.

I mean how else would he have known about the colour of the flooring, the fact that the wood walls were finely sanded to prevent splinters, or the red and green lights telling punters if they could go in next?

Why was it I wondered that he could swagger in there, cum in a stranger's hole and swagger out again completely unabashed, while I couldn't even walk through the door?

At that point my mind was made up, I was going to go through with it and what's more I was going to have fun. So later that week, I'd stuffed some sexy undies into a bag, dressed in my most anonymous hoodie and jeans and headed off just as it was getting dark.

Luckily I saw no one I knew and the street was deserted as I slipped inside. It was a gloomy place and it was empty apart from a drab looking man perusing porno DVDs while one hand moved casually over his fly. I didn't much fancy the look of him but reminded myself it was the cock I was after and not the bloke that was attached to it - maybe Mr boring was a red hot shag?

Ignoring him I walked to the empty counter and pressed the small white buzzer. I seemed to wait ages, making a concerted effort not to look at DVD man. Finally a well-built guy in his thirties wearing an Iron Maiden t shirt appeared, raising his eyebrows quizzically as if women were a rarity in here.

My face reddened, I flustered and my voice went squeaky despite my previous determination. I mean I'd like to take part. I was relieved he didn't laugh me out of the shop. I mean I'm in OK shape but I'm no model six. I'm Sev by the way. I run this joint. Things are a bit quiet in here tonight. If you want to do it now I might need to make a few calls while you get ready?

You know what's involved? Hey he might have been your brother or boss for all I knew. He's been in here a bit, sampling the delights, so I guess cheating scumbag it is.

Sev seemed to guess that this was not a subject to pursue. He spread his hands on the counter, looking serious. I don't want any complaints or accusations after the event you know?

I scrawled too quickly for decency and handed it back. His eyes were twinkly but surprisingly kind. Also, and I'm embarrassed to say this, it's been quite a while since I And if it's any consolation I'm not exactly getting it every night either! Some small brightness entered through three holes in the opposite wall and in the gloom I could make out a single sized bed pushed up against it - thankfully it looked made and it smelled freshly laundered.

I guess they're all a bit too shy maybe, but you can see the set up. I suggest you strip off and get comfy and I'll adjust the centre hole to suit. He gave me a level, reassuring look and I felt glad that he was treating me as a customer and not a piece of meat.

Quickly shedding my clothes and rolling on the stockings, I laid down on the bed and stuck my legs through the side holes. There were supports sticking out into the other room for my legs; they felt to be lined with velvet or something similar. I wiggled myself down until my cunt was against the middle hole. The mattress was comfy but incredibly firm - no danger of me sinking down out of cock reach! Sev reached over me, his t shirt tickling my bare skin, his closeness oh so exciting in my spread-eagled nudity.

Sev selected a suitably sized aperture board and slotted it into the middle gap: Last questions, are we bareback riding or wearing rubbers and how much time do you want?

I had an implant fitted so pregnancy was not an issue but maybe there was more to worry about than just that?

Instinct and desire overcame my sensible self however. As to the time, if you can fit in five guys, that will be time enough to meet my needs. Lie here and just get yourself in the mood. When we begin you'll find a panic button just to your right in case you're unhappy or want stop. In the meantime think sexy thoughts and make use of this. I squeezed out some of the gel and began to massage it into my clit until it became engorged and oh so sensitive, it felt huge under my fingers.

The gel was cold and tingly, it felt great and it was tempting to rub and rub, I felt so wanton just lying there waiting to be fucked, my hole open and hungry. I could have brought myself off very easily. However I resisted, it had been a long time since I'd climaxed with a warm shaft inside me and I was going to delay my pleasure, I wanted to come for the first time to the warm, wet pulses of an ejaculating cock. Slowly, slowly I rubbed in the gel and worked it down and into my opening where it really tingled and made me desperate to be filled.

I hoped the guys that Sev had lined up were not too far away, and I also hoped they'd be hard and ready as soon as they arrived. My wait seemed to take for ever as I lay there, comfy but not sleepy, my whole genital area feeling warm and primed - ready for action. Finally there was a noise and light filtered into my room through the edges of the three holes. Ready to go, I pushed myself as far down as possible and bent my knees to further expose my thankfully shaven pussy.

This was it I thought, what I'd dreamed about and waited for. I could hear more movement, and my own juices drying on my skin made my vulva feel suddenly cold and vulnerable.

More muffled noises and shadows and then there was a hand rubbing my clit. Fingers gently spread my wet inner lips and then roughly plunged deep inside me, the slight scratch of the nails catching against my soft inner self. I moaned involuntarily and heard a heavy sigh in return.

Something rounded and surprisingly large nudged between my inner lips, and I thought bizarrely of a blind worm shoving its way into a tunnel and stifled my laugh. The supersized blind worm pushed more impatiently, pushing me open and I braced myself, pushing forward to give it access.

It entered me as far as it could go and its girth seemed fuller than anything I'd taken before - it filled me, stretching me blissfully. I wanted to grind myself onto it but the wall stopped it. Swiftly it was withdrawn and I moaned again, but this time with the emptiness. It entered again but just the tip, with tiny teasing movements; I tried to thrust forward to swallow it, but the board, the damn board stopped me as before and I had to be content with the small circling movements its owner made.

He must have liked keeping the thing I desired just out of reach because it was drawn further back and then rubbed up and down me in slow strokes from clit to the wooden partition that hid my arse. I was just getting used to the laconic, frustrating non fuck, when the cock disappeared and I was left sensation free and confused.

A lot of time seemed to pass and my hole gaped cold and abandoned - not half as used as I'd like.

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