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Dallas escort hot lady
Dallas escort hot lady Dallas escort hot lady
Dallas escort hot lady Dallas escort hot lady
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Dallas escort hot lady

Random Tropes Random Media. Community Showcase Explore More. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. April O'Neil, violating every possible lab safety rule. The second is the light novel exclusive alchemist Renee, who also doubled as Huey's Hot Teacher. Given the art style of Code Geass , it's arguable that anyone in the show is technically more pretty than anyone else, but Rakshata Chawla definitely fits the bill, what with her showing off lots of skin, and having an Impossible Hourglass Figure.

Bulma from Dragon Ball. She is a great scientist with an almost superhuman intellect that uses to create a bounty of useful inventions. But she is also a beautiful girl-woman and provide the Fanservice part of the show. Aikuro's also a ridiculously over-the-top fanservice machine who can't keep his damn clothes on. Mad Scientist Big Bad and former Chief Engineer of a power plant before she went insane whose villain outfit comes with Absolute Cleavage and shows off a lot of skin in general.

Jim from Mother Keeper is this, despite being the genius scientist in charge of creating the cyborgs that defend heaven's tower, her outfit is basically a corset and a lab coat. Her attire is a lab coat over a cleavage-revealing crop top and miniskirt. From the start of the series it's shown that she is very attractive as multiple men, including main character, gawk at her.

In the Sailor Moon anime, the third season villain Kaolinite, while more of an assistant than a scientist, spent a fair bit of time in a cleavage-y lab coat Doctor Franken Stein of Soul Eater combines this with Mad Scientist. Despite being Covered with Scars as well as morally dubious at the best of times, he still manages to have at least one fangirl in-Universe.

It's also very heavily implied that most of his female students have crushes on him. She's even introduced wearing a swimsuit to boot! Maxine in Sin City is your standard Sin City woman with large breasts and is an evil scientist working for an assassin's guild to boot. Blackrock right out of high school to design what was then the world's most advanced automated deep-sea oil rig. When that was destroyed, and she herself paralyzed, by a Decepticon attack, she designed and built for herself a suit of Stripperiffic cybernetic Power Armor so that she could fight the Transformers.

She was also the primary, and almost the only source of Fanservice in the whole comic. Viz featured a spoof science column by their sexy scientist Dr Verushka Vavavoom.

She had a habit of spilling chemicals over herself while writing the column, and then asking the readers to hep her out of her wet clothes. But they'd have to promise not to look Poison Ivy , one of the most famous Batman rogues , is a botanist and no matter what artistic depiction she is given, she is always considered very attractive. A Real American Hero gives us Sidney Biggles-Jones, railgun specialist, and Cassandra Knox, roboticist, both known for wearing rather flattering outfits in their service to Cobra.

Orion's wife Bekka is a New Genesis scientist that has the ability to induce love and desire on others with her touch. From the James Bond series: Christmas Jones, a twenty-something nuclear physicist with large breasts. Needless to say, she and Bond end up in bed together. There was also Dr. Holly Goodhead in Moonraker. The film ends with her and Bond becoming the first members of the Mile-High Club. Memorably mocked in Mad magazine's Moonraker spoof: Ever seen Linus Pauling in his nightgown?

This woman walked in wearing a jumpsuit and it said 'sonar operator' Diane Duane deliberately played with this, noting in the blurb for her Star Trek Expanded Universe novel The Wounded Sky that the Enterprise crew are assisted by "a pretty alien scientist".

What she conspicuously failed to note was that K't'lk, while indeed quite lovely, is also a giant glass spider. The backstory of Unwise Child by Randall Garrett has the robot scientists bring in a child psychologist to help them develop their latest AI.

Precocious child, special schooling, early college and doctorate, beautiful skin, curves in all the right places, clear blue eyes, sleek red hair. She is the resident expert on that particular robot, and an assistant to the lead on the project.

As her name suggests, Laeshana in The Quest of the Unaligned is an aesh, and one of their main powers is Super Intelligence and a gift for invention and innovation. She is also gorgeous and the hero ends up marrying her. Oh, and an aesh's other major power? Gender-flipped with forensic scientist Dr. Fibre has No Social Skills and no concept of the effect his appearance has on others. CSI also has a periodic Hot Scientist, a forensic anthropologist that Grissom tries to call in to consult at every available opportunity.

Lampshaded in the episode Two and a Half Deaths. A TV producer who worked with a murdered sitcom actress visits the lab. After seeing several of the team he muses that there might be a market for a show about attractive people working in a high-tech crime lab. Subverted in an episode of Hustle in which the already-lovely Stacie, when impersonating a professor's research assistant, uses false teeth to give herself an unattractive overbite. Doctor Who has used this trope multiple times.

Liz Shaw wears knee-length boots and very short skirts, and also has doctorates in biochemistry and astronomy. Also, Peri is a botany student and is well known for her cleavage. River Song is no slouch in the sciences she understands the TARDIS' physics or the looks she could fell an ox with that cleavage departments.

She has also earned her Ph. Jadzia Dax, though her talents seem to run towards the practical sciences, is nonetheless science-division teal rather than engineering yellow in Star Trek: She fully embodies the trope, being both physically attractive and when she wants to be sexually adventurous, that last being a gift from her male predecessor Curzon, who actually went Out with a Bang.

While she's not an accredited scientist, her big brain allows Seven Of Nine to function as Voyager 's resident theoretical and applied physicist. Temperance "Bones" Brennan in Bones seems improbably young to be both an internationally known expert and a best-selling author of multiple novels.

She is also an expert in Spock Speak. In the original novels, Temperence "Tempe" Brennan is somewhat older and only busts out the Spock Speak when she actually needs it.

Judging from the author's photo on the dust jacket, this may be Truth in Television. I don't want to be the "sexy scientist"! In July the European Commission as part of a series of films attempting to encourage more women to consider careers in science published Science: It's A Girl Thing which has three sexy actresses flouncing about a laboratory writing equations and playing with the balls from ball-and-stick molecular models coyly, juxtaposed with images of high heels and make-up.

It quickly garnered a negative response on Youtube and amongst actual scientists on Twitter and was soon removed. Joining the ranks of Hot Computer Scientists is Kamui from the. Liara T'Soni, who becomes the Normandy's resident Prothean and archaeology expert and a potential love interest for Shepard. She's of the Asari race, who are considered the most beautiful race in the galaxy. Mass Effect 2 introduces Dr. Mordin Solus, who is apparently considered one in-universe.

As a Salarian, he has a very low sex-drive, but is nonetheless flattered that multiple species have frequently attempted to hit on him. While Mordin is actually pretty old for a Salarian they only live to about 40 , he doesn't look much older than others of his kind to human eyes. Shalua Rui from Dirge of Cerebus: Final Fantasy VII takes this trope to the point where she looks like a hooker in a white lab coat.

In the freezeing rain, no less. Doctor Kleeya from Star Trek: Even the NPC guarding her door admits that he can't concentrate because of her. Maybe because she is a homage to the TOS babes with normal skin though Kirk used to get involved with.

She also wears a specific designed outfit. Although fashionable since the original game's artbooks , she got a serious upgrade for Alter Code F ; the clothes got tighter and briefer, and the game camera decided to show her off to best advantage.

She subverts the Improbable Age part, being canonically 39 years old, as well as living in a world where academics and engineering are passed down by apprenticeship. Custom Robo has Linda, who wears a short dress and fishnet stockings. Metal Gear Solid 4: She also has an affair with fellow scientist Otacon see: Lost Island , the men of choice are this. Shin Super Robot Wars: Eri Anzai is the world's foremost expert in ancient relics, and is especially famous for advancing the unique notion that the Mu and Atlantean cultures were in fact founded by aliens.

When rescued by the protagonists, they see that Anzai is a stunning beauty even Daimoji is drooling. It's clear enough she's better off in your capable hands than in the clutches of the aliens who pilfered her from Osaka. Catherine Halsey of Halo is noted in Halo: The Fall of Reach to have been a lovely-looking woman in her younger days.

Professor Juniper from Black and White and its sequels is a young, bright woman who wears a Miniskirt of Power to lab. Professor Sycamore from X and Y is a fine-featured, classy-dressed Frenchman. Professor Kukui from Sun and Moon is also young, not to mention tanned and ripped, wears no shirt under his lab coat , sometimes studies Pokemon moves by taking the Pokemon head-on , and doubles as a masked wrestler. Robert and Rosalind Lutece were intentionally modeled on the ideals of commercial beauty at the turn of the century:

Dallas escort hot lady
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