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Caribbean cause cooking freeman friend morgan

caribbean cause cooking freeman friend morgan Беккер набрал
Morgan Freeman - Love at first sight does exist.
Morgan Freeman Sails the BVI a Grenadian friend called him asking for help. Freeman got in touch with his publicist Donna Caribbean Cooking for a Cause. The following is from the Introduction to the cookbook Morgan Freeman & Friends: Caribbean Cooking for a Cause, by Wendy Wilkinson and Donna Lee, a book that was. CARIBBEAN BREEZE MORGAN FREEMAN BLENDS HIS PASSIONS FOR cuisine in ``Morgan Freeman & Friends: Caribbean Cooking for a Cause Grenadian friend.


Caribbean cause cooking freeman friend morgan
Cooking with Morgan Freeman and Friends Caribbean Cooking for a Cause", I even had time to sneak out and play tennis with a friend at five in the. CARIBBEAN BREEZE MORGAN FREEMAN BLENDS HIS PASSIONS FOR cuisine in ``Morgan Freeman & Friends: Caribbean Cooking for a Cause Grenadian friend. Carribean - Pirate Of The Caribbean, Royal Resort Pirate Of The Caribbean Monopoly Caribbean Cause Cooking Freeman Friend Morgan Pirate Of The Caribbean.
Caribbean cause cooking freeman friend morgan
Caribbean cause cooking freeman friend morgan Caribbean cause cooking freeman friend morgan
Caribbean cause cooking freeman friend morgan Caribbean cause cooking freeman friend morgan
Morgan Freeman Sails the BVI a Grenadian friend called him asking for help. Freeman got in touch with his publicist Donna Caribbean Cooking for a Cause. Morgan Freeman and Friends has 27 ratings and 4 reviews. Jean said: I love anything Caribbean, and I love Morgan Freeman, so I knew I couldn't go wrong w /5(4). Looking for a book by Donna Lee? Donna Lee wrote Morgan Freeman and Friends: Caribbean Cooking for a Cause, which can be purchased at a lower price at

I am spending the next 7 months cooking my way through the book "Morgan Freeman and Friends, Caribbean Cooking for a Cause", a wonderful collection of recipes from a variety of celebrities and chefs, who have found a passion for the Caribbean, its history, ambiance, and food. I hope you enjoy and have as much fun as I hope to have. There are any number of recipes for jerk seasoning, and many have an ingredient list a mile long.

Jamaican food lovers agree that there are three jerk spice ingredients that are key: This recipe uses the typical jerk spices, in a marinade for the pork chops. The marinade was incredible and serves as the best barbecue sauce I have ever tried. I had to substitute local kenyan hot peppers for the scotch bonnet peppers, but all other fresh and dried ingredients were available.

I made a tamarind glaze, which was the most challenging of all to prepare. No problem finding tamarind sauce, which with dice shallot, dark rum, vinegar and sugar, were the main ingredients. Trying to strain the cooked glaze through a strainer was the biggest challenge.

The meal turned out great, but we could have used a couple more chops as the meat was a bit scarce on the ribs. I would buy single ribbed chops next time as they are easier to judge in getting them cooked throughout.

I stayed out of the kitchen on Friday, since I met Mayling for lunch and we couldn't even comtemplate having a full dinner. I have been away from the cookbook for a while, traveling in Western Kenya and getting ready for a long trip back to the Colorado at the end of June. I have tried a couple of other recipes from "The Book". I have never had lobster other than boiled or steamer with garlic and butter, so the recipe for Lobster Curry from Chez Bamboo Restaurant in Vigin Gorda sounded like it was worth a try.

The curry sauce was typical of the other curry sauces I have already used, even here in Kenya for Swahili seafood dishes. The sauce uses white wine, curry powder, heavy cream I substituted milk and thickened with corn starch to get down on the calories , coconut cream, salt and pepper.

I also used half garam masala and half curry powder for the spices. Actually, we found that the sauce was a little too strong for our taste and subdued the succulent flavor of the fresh lobster. I would probably stick with broiled grilled lobster with butter and lemon next go round.

However, it was a nice to try lobster done in a different way. I would try the same recipe next time with a red snapper or sole. This recipe inspired me to try a Swahili Chicken Masala dish, which was prepared for us by "our chef" during a 5 day stay on the coast of Kenya earlier this month. We had rented a wonderful house on Kilifi Creek, and a cook came with the house. He prepared the most wonderful seafood and other dishes during our stay, mostly in the traditional swahili style of cooking, which complements fresh seafood and meats with a light sauce using onions, garlic, garam masali spice, salt, pepper, a few hot peppers, green and red sweet peppers, tomatoes, a little tomato paste, and a little coconut milk a dash of wine is optional.

We had this for three dinners using chicken, prawns, and fish on different nights. They were all yummy!! I tried to recreate the chicken masala dish at home the other night and it turned out great! Very simple and quick to prepare!!! Try it and I am sure you'll like it! Posted by Paul Hebert at 4: Thursday, I was a little more ambitious and I tried a recipe from St.

The meal consisted of Jerk Lamb Chops, red beans, coconut rice, with tamarind glaze, and fried plantains page of the book. See photo on the outcome. I served this same meals to the Dr. Mayling Simpson-Hebert, renowned anthropologist and global health advisor and my wife.

T he word jerk refers to the seasoning blend, the cooking method not to the cook , and to the meat that has been treated to the jerk seasoning and cooking processes. Jerk was first created by the Arawak Indians, the original natives of Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands. The liberal amounts of spices and peppers helped preserve meats in the island heat, as did drying them over an open fire.

The term "jerk" is thought to derive from the Spanish term charqui , which means dried meat. The word can also refer to the jerking motion of turning the meat as it roasts over the fire. This was a simple though very heavy on the calories. I did substitute low fat milk for heavy cream, which probably reduced the calories per slice from to The recipe is fairly standard for French toast, but calls for shredded coconut in the egg, milk, cinnamon, sugar dip for the bread.

I also used homemade whole wheat bread instead of white bread. After cooking on a skillet, the french toast is served with toasted shredded coconut sprinkled on top with maple syrup. Posted by Paul Hebert at 8: Thursday, June 10, Picadillo Outcome.

Picadillo, a Cuban staple, was simple, consisting of ground beef sauteed in olive oil with chopped onions, green bell peppers I added some sweet red pepper as well , fresh minced garlic, and chile pepper.

Tomato sauce is added along with a little red wine, black pepper and finally sliced green olives and some raisons. I served this with rice and garnished with slices of yellow sweet pepper and parsley. Another surprising success for this reluctant chef. We finished the leftovers for lunch today. Today Thursday, 10 June is a little more challenging. No Golf or tennis. Not quite in the islands, but the dish is!! Croix was where the final scene of The Shawshank Redemption was filmed and apparently holds good memories for the both of them.

Posted by Paul Hebert at 1: Well, we are still in Bermuda and yesterday, with a little, actually a lot, of help from Ruth our house helper, I put together another great recipe from Aqua Restaurant in Bermuda.

Chicken Roti consist of a wonderful curry recipe onion, garlic, spices of ginger, ground coriander, turmeric, cumin and black pepper. After heating these in oil in a large skillet, a little water and tomato is added, followed by bite-sized pieces of chicken and cut up potatoes. After thoroughly cooked, the curry is then spooned onto hot rotis or chapatis , garnished with cilantro, rolled up and served hot. Mayling thought it was a super recipe and unique in being served with chapatis instead of rice.

It was like an Indian style burrito. Ruth put the recipe in her own book. I was able to get it prepared by noon and placed both the curry and the chapatis in the frig. I just heated up the curry and heated the chapatis on a large skillet before putting the two together. A mixed salad completed the meal. I even had time to sneak out and play tennis with a friend at five in the afternoon, got back at 6: Mayling came home from work for lunch today and finished off the remaining curry and chapatis.

It was just as good as a leftover, but we had eaten up most of the chicken yesterday. I'll add a little more next time. We really don't need the 3 zillion calories, but it sounds wonderful. I am probably one of only a few Americans who has never seen "24" or "Lost". We do have a TV at home when we visit, but we don't have cable or satellite. Well, Daisy provided a couple of her grandmother's Cuban specialities provided for "Caribbean Cooking for a Cause". By he way, the 'Cause' in the title denotes that the proceeds from the book have gone to the Granada Relief Fund to help with recovery from Hurricane Ivan, which struck the island in Daisy describes Picadillo as one of her favorites and this is one of the two Cuban recipes included in the book.

So, I am starting in a few minutes with dish. I will take a photo of the outcome and download to the blog tomorrow. No help today from Ruth.

I sneaked out this morning and played a round of golf with my British friend Ian at the Limuru Golf Club, and Ruth went home at noon to prepare for her boys arrival from school. Posted by Paul Hebert at 3: Tuesday, June 8, In the Bush recipe for Tahini - sidetracked.

Yesterday in addition to making the Bouillabaise, we needed to make hummus, but we had no Tahini sesame paste , the essential ingredient.

All the recipes call for using a food processor to make the paste of sesame seeds and oil, which we don't have at our house here in Kenya. All you really need is a mortar and pestle and a lot of effort, but not a lot of time. Don't let it brown. Then grind until you get a fairly fine powder using the mortar and pestle. We ground and smashed for about 10 minutes, and it was still somewhat course, but we didn't have any energy left.

Use this with your favorite hummus recipe. It doesn't come out as smooth as the store bought tahini, but fresher and I think much more tasty. If you have a spice mill, you can grind the roasted sesame seeds in the spice mill and then mix with the olive oil in a separate bowl. This recipe is not in "the book". Posted by Paul Hebert at 2: Bermuda Bouillabaisse - with a Kentucky Twist. As I did not explain much about the book itself, I will start today's blog with some explanation of the book's layout and how I plan to cook my way through it.

The book, which is available from a variety of on-line outlets, including Amazon.

Caribbean cause cooking freeman friend morgan Caribbean cause cooking freeman friend morgan
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