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Cream pie story

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Cream Pie Stories
XVIDEOS 'story creampie' Search, free - the best free porn videos on internet, % free. CREAMPIE CUCKOLD. If (the 'pie') that has been filled with her lover's cum (the 'cream'). For a cuckold, Creampie Cuckold Story - GUEST. Creampie at Last. Cuckold creampie story of prudish wife who gives him a long awaited creampie. Cuckold Training Session - Story of cuckold who is expected to eat cum.


Cream pie story
CREAMPIE CUCKOLD. If (the 'pie') that has been filled with her lover's cum (the 'cream'). For a cuckold, Creampie Cuckold Story - GUEST. XVIDEOS 'story creampie' Search, free - the best free porn videos on internet, % free. Cream Pie Sex Stories - Page 1 of - Storiesonline.
Cream pie story
Cream pie story Cream pie story
Cream pie story Cream pie story
Story tag results for creampie. Found I would like to thank all of you for coming and reading my first story. cream pies front and back, from tons of. A wife's true creampie story. FetishRebecca's Creampie. Rebecca's Creampie by slut Again he moaned and continued to devour my cream filled pussy. CREAMPIE CUCKOLD. If (the 'pie') that has been filled with her lover's cum (the 'cream'). For a cuckold, Creampie Cuckold Story - GUEST.

This story contains slut wife, cuckold husband, and creampie eating material that will receive much criticism. If you do not prefer these subjects, please do not continue.

For those who do, I hope you enjoy. Although the stories I have previously submitted to Literotica have fictional themes, many of the specific details about my husband and me are true. I will touch on these characteristics throughout this true story. I will describe my actions as accurately as possible. My name is Rebecca and my husband's name is Kenny.

We have been together for over 10 years now and enjoy our lives together along with our daughter. We are happy and enjoy a vibrant sex life, but who couldn't enjoy a little extra, right? At least that is my view. Before the birth of our daughter, Kenny and I had plenty of fun.

Young and wild, we engaged ourselves in numerous threesomes. Some involved Kenny and a friend ravishing me and some included me and a friend of mine using Kenny's cock for our pleasures. There we also occasions where I would fuck Kenny and his friends one at a time. This would only happen if I was home with Kenny on "guys' night. There were never more than four guys not including Kenny when this would happen.

I would lead one guy up to our bedroom, where he would fuck me like crazy then send another upstairs. After each guy, Kenny would finally make his way up after seeing the guys out. He loved having me used and I loved offering him my used pussy.

Also on "guys' night" I would find myself in a rare gangbang. There has also been a time or two when I would bring someone home to fuck in front of Kenny or Kenny would send someone to the house while he was at work.

When he would send someone over I would call him and have him listen over the phone. I loved every minute of these sessions. I was always just as horny as Kenny if not more. I do have to give Kenny the credit for making these situations happen.

He is a pornoholic and as I mentioned in my first story, he desires to reenact what he enjoys seeing. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for his perversions he would probably not be with me. When I was new in the neighborhood, an incident occurred at a party where I gave 3 guys blowjobs and swallowed each of their loads. It wasn't long before word was out and people were talking about me. It was well deserving, but oh well, I was over it quickly.

In the end, it was this knowledge of me that attracted Kenny to me. So in all truth, I have been gangbanged, tag-teamed, and the recipient of a train. I do not do anal, despite a fantasy for being double penetrated. It just scares me and I would prefer two cocks in my pussy rather than one in each hole.

I also do not swallow cum anymore. Actually I never really did, but booze makes me do things I normally wouldn't. That is why I do not drink.

After the birth of our daughter, the fun diminished, but we enjoyed our sex lives together. On rare occasions when our daughter would be with her grandparents, we would manage to conjure up a threesome.

At this time it has been two years since our last group sex session. I am nearly 26 years old now, and thanks to the praise of my husband and the positive comments of readers regarding my previous story submissions, I have begun to act on my fantasies, well My body is staying exceptionally fit and I still receive many compliments. If you have not read any of my previous stories, I will briefly describe myself.

I am a 5'4" petite brunette with 34B breasts. What is currently ongoing in our lives began a year ago. He had always been flirtatious and I guess my acceptance encouraged him to take things further.

I was never offended and to be honest, I envisioned having Kenny and Brad both buried inside my pussy. The dirty things Brad would say to me excited me and soon I was teasing him back. I would bend over explicitly for him or show him some cleavage. When next to him he would rub my ass or I would rub the crotch of his jeans.

He was always aroused and at the same time, my pussy was wet with the thrill. I would go home after work; panties soaked, and fuck Kenny. I needed the release. Kenny enjoyed my wet pussy and talked dirty about the juicy noises being caused by another man filling my pussy with cum before I came home. It's like you had a guy a shoot his load inside you. I want to fuck your cum filled pussy. I talked to Kenny and attempted numerous times to have Brad come to the house, but he was not exactly keen on the idea of a threesome or having Kenny around.

It's been a long time since I've had two cocks at the same time. I'm kind of bummed. I admit though, I would love to see you working a couple of cocks. And just think, he could fill your pussy and I would get a chance to feel what your pussy feels like full of cum. It's been since you were pregnant that I felt you full of cum. I forget what is like" "OH! This is just frustrating me.

I really want both of your cocks inside me. If I couldn't have them both at the same time, I had to do something. The more Brad pursued me, the more I wanted him. Nearly a month had passed and Brad begged me to come to his place. I denied him for three nights in a row. I was on my period and wasn't going to subject him to that. I was near the end of my period and he invited me again. This time I accepted. I called Kenny and told him, I had to cover another workers shift, who was going to be about two hours late.

He was easily deceived and said that he would be asleep when I got home. I was going to get Brad's cock and I would get to judge if he was all talk or not. We left work and I followed Brad to his place. We sat and talked for a little, but it wasn't long before he had his hands on me and I was accepting his kisses.

We undressed each other and I moved to put my mouth around his cock. I love to suck cock, but Brad only allowed me to do so for a short time.

I was quickly on my back and he began sucking on my meaty labia and lapping his tongue between them. I couldn't say if it was his tongue or the thrill of being with him that had me yearning for his cock inside of me. He wasn't particularly large, maybe six inches, but he was thick.

He entered me and my pussy wrapped around him and pulled him in deeper. He moved in and out covering his cock with my natural juices and was soon pounding my pussy. I gasped as he hit pay dirt over and over. He was fucking my brains out. It was so different than Kenny. Kenny will pound my pussy good, but he enjoys a slower full length penetration where he can concentrate on caressing my body in the process.

Brad on the other hand wanted to ruin my pussy. He fucked me in a variety of positions and was soon revealing he was about to cum. He pulled his throbbing cock out tilting his eyes towards the ceiling trying to contain the load he had built up for me.

I moved to suck his cock to let him settle down, but also to see if there was any blood on his cock. There was no blood on his cock and I thought about the risk of having him fill my pussy. You going to let me cum in your mouth? He continued to fuck me after I sucked on him for a moment. He lasted another half an hour and when he disclosed he was close, I pulled him close to me begging him to bury his seed deep into my pussy.

His thrusts slowed and he pushed deep into me releasing moans as he splashed his load inside me. I could immediately feel the warmth of his semen inside me. Are you kidding me?

Cream pie story
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