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Outdoor sex story

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‘outdoor sex’ stories
Jan 19,  · What is an outdoor sex story you have? For me about 3 years ago I went out on a lunch date with a 39 year old woman (I was 33 at the time) and we. 5 Summer sex positions PREVIOUS STORY 5 Summer sex positions NEXT STORY. Real stories: The craziest place I’ve had sex. Wild Outdoor Sex Stories, As Told By Women. Summer’s in full swing, so it’s time to shed your clothes and get naughty in the great outdoors.


Outdoor sex story
Sex Video Tube - Outdoor Hardcore Story - See XXX Group Sex, Blowjob, Teen, Anal Videos on! Largest Collection of Porn Movies: Group Sex, Blowjob. An outdoor photo shoot becomes far more than Anna expected. Rob is seduced by an adult sex shop employee. Lana and Lord Phorlis settle things between them. Mara meets. Jan 19,  · What is an outdoor sex story you have? For me about 3 years ago I went out on a lunch date with a 39 year old woman (I was 33 at the time) and we.
Outdoor sex story
Outdoor sex story Outdoor sex story
Outdoor sex story Outdoor sex story
Great story, I also like outdoor sex with my wife and we have done it different places. lynda and dave says: July 19, at pm. 5 Summer sex positions PREVIOUS STORY 5 Summer sex positions NEXT STORY. Real stories: The craziest place I’ve had sex. Sex Video Tube - Outdoor Hardcore Story - See XXX Group Sex, Blowjob, Teen, Anal Videos on! Largest Collection of Porn Movies: Group Sex, Blowjob.
Outdoor sex story

My wife and I found a great way to enjoy some outdoor sex at the lake. We had 3 children at the time and it would be a nice break for us with some adult friends. It was great to be with the four other couples. The next morning we checked out the houseboat and put the other boats in the water and we were off. We found a great place to anchor the houseboat and the water at the lake was wonderful.

Nice and blue and warm enough to enjoy getting in the water. We were finally at the lake and it was time to get some sun and enjoy the water. Some of the women went off to change into their swimsuits, including my wife.

My wife came out in a new swimsuit that had me starring at her for a few minutes. My wife at this time of her life would only wear one piece swimsuits. It was much sexier than any of her other previous suits which she had brought with her also. A little higher cut in the legs than normal and less coverage in the back. Plus it had a deeper v shape in the front which showed off some of her cleavage.

We headed out in the boats for some waterskiing and fun for our first morning at the lake. I really enjoyed seeing her in her new swimsuit as we were out waterskiing and enjoying the boat. After lunch some of the couples wanted to go back out and get some more boating in.

My wife said she would like to just stay at the houseboat and relax some which was a little hard for me to accept since I wanted to get some more waterskiing in. In the end, there was one other couple that wanted to stay behind also so my plan for some fun was disappearing fast and was disappointing for me. It still was nice to be able to spend some time with my wife with it being quiet and only one other couple on the houseboat.

It worked great and my wife and I were enjoying our floating mat as we gently drifted away from the houseboat. She asked if it was too revealing since she was concerned about this with this group of friends.

I reaffirmed that she looked great and I loved her wearing such a nice sexy swimsuit. We continued our floating and drifting with the slight wind on the lake. I glanced back at the houseboat and no one was keeping an eye on us.

I looked at her and she was smiling so I kept on stroking my fingers over her nipple. It was reacting and getting nice and firm. I moved a little further and my hand found the V of her swimsuit. I pushed my hand under her swimsuit and soon had her other tit in my hand. She told me how good that felt but to be careful about someone on the houseboat seeing us. I played with her for a few minutes and then stopped, worried about that couple on the houseboat.

I did some slow paddling and moved us just around the point of a hill which now blocked us from the houseboat. I resumed my stroking of her tits and she noticed we were out of sight of the houseboat. She relaxed and let me enjoy her tits for awhile and then encouraged the play by reaching up and pulling her shoulder straps down and off her arms. This gave me much easier access to play with her marvelous tits. Soon I could see the dark outline of her areolas and I pushed the swimsuit down exposing her dark areola and nipple.

I told her how good it looked in the sunlight and she smiled and said it felt good. I continued to suck on one nipple and my hand went to the other tit and I pulled down her swimsuit on the other side exposing her entire tit. I took the full tit in my hand and was squeezing and then pulling on her other nipple. It was hard just like the one in my mouth. After some foreplay on her tits, I pulled off and looked at her gorgeous tits exposed to the sun and in full view of my eyes.

I asked if she wanted me to cover them up and she said no, that it was fun to have her tits out in the sun. She asked if I was enjoying the view she knew very well what my answer was. I kept on starring enjoying the nice view. My hand then drifted down to her leg and I stroked along her thigh. It felt nice and smooth knowing she had just shaved yesterday before leaving on the trip.

I traced the outline of her swimsuit at her crotch and she let out a faint moan. My finger next traced over the material and I could feel her pubic hair underneath her swimsuit and down to her vulva area. Another moan from her. Then I felt the softness of her bush and my finger rubbed up and down that for a few strokes.

She spread her legs slightly and my finger moved lower, tracing her fleshy labia folds and feeling the wetness coming from her vulva. She reached down and pulled her swimsuit to the side, exposing her pubic hair and her pussy to me. My finger went between her labia and gently worked into her with her encouragement. I was so horny getting to enjoy my wife outdoors like this. We had never done anything like this but I had fantasized about doing something like this. This was even better than my fantasy.

I continued to finger her and she was telling me how good it felt. I then felt her hand against my hard cock. She pressed against it with the palm of her hand and was sending passion into me with each movement of her hand. Her hand shot down my swimsuit directly to my hard cock. Her fingers wrapped around the shaft and started to stroke it up and down.

I laid back as she gave me the beginnings of a nice hand job. Now it was my turn to give her access and I reached down and pulled my swimsuit down exposing my full hard cock to her and her soft hand. I was able to pull one leg out of my swimsuit which gave her a good show and offered my cock to her expert hand stroking. My lovely sexy wife then surprised me even more as she stopped stroking my cock. At first I thought she had seen someone and looked around.

But then she started to wiggle out of her swimsuit and was soon nude. She rolled on top of me and I felt my cock at her pussy. She was guiding my hard cock to her opening and I felt the head of my cock part her labia folds. I was super wet and she was still wet from all my fingering and her delivering a hand job. She told me she needed me in her and I was soon sliding back and forth in her.

She laid on me and I felt her tits on my chest, my hands went to her ass. The mattress was floating and making small waves as we moved up and down.

She tightened around my cock and I was releasing my cum. We finished and she laid on me for a few minutes with my cock slowly shrinking and pulling out of her. Finally it slipped out and she rolled off of me back on to the mattress. I loved how sexy she looked and how good she had made me feel with that nice little outdoor fuck session.

We rolled off the mattress into the water and enjoyed some skinny dipping. I pulled off my swimsuit from the other leg and threw it onto the mattress. We swam for awhile and then had a nice hug in the water completely nude with each other. We made our way out of the water and dressed on the shore. I loved seeing her nude body out in the sunlight like this. We thanked each other as we climbed back on the mattress and started to paddle to the houseboat.

As we rounded the corner of the hill between the houseboat and our love cove, we saw the boat coming back from the waterskiing. What a successful time and I am proud to admit we have repeated this outdoor session many other times. We made our way back to the houseboat and continued enjoying our adventure. My wife and I did the same thing but used a jet ski to get out of sight.

The mattress sounds more intimate and relaxing. Really enjoyed this story. Sounds like you had a fun time. I love anything to do with the water, reading this brought back memories. Yes it was Lake Powell.

I grew up in Southern Utah and was born in Page while my dad was a construction worker on the dam. Lake Powell is still one of my favorite places to visit. The cove you described is one of hundreds, and each one has a remarkable beauty. The lake, the red rock sandstone, the arches, the scenery. It all makes for a great place to rock it with the one you love and lust.

Mmmmmm,nice story,my wife and I would love to find somewhere outdoors that was private to play together in the sun, we both love to walk around naked at home. You must be logged in to post a comment. I love spontaneous sex.

Outdoor sex story
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